Meet Our Family

Carpenter Side (Emily's side)

Sally, Emily's mom, is Emily's only living parent. She still does design work occasionally but spends much of her time with us and her grandchildren. She also volunteers with the church and loves travel. Emily's brother and his wife are successful business owners of several companies and also spend a lot of time volunteering and leading at their church. Emily's very large extended family also lives in the area and are very tightly-knit. They are together regularly for holidays and family reunions.

Nathan's Side

Nathan's parents are devoted Grandparents. They take time to take the grandchildren on trips and love to have fun. They will always encourage adventuring and trying new things together, especially outdoors. Each of Nathan's siblings have very successful careers ranging from product development, to videography and even a Captain in the US Army. Just like Emily's family, we do life together weekly. We go to church together and often visit one another's houses to hang out or have dinner. Nathan has a large loving extended family as well that we make sure we see as often as possible, even though a little further out of town.