Nathan grew up in Ohio. His father was the local community doctor and his mother was a homemaker. He lived on a small farm with everything from parakeets to horses. Nathan was homeschooled for eleven years. He is the oldest of three siblings, all close in age, and was active in his church and sports. He always liked to keep busy going out with friends or his siblings.

Nathan went to University of Kentucky and graduated with a Business Management Degree. He returned from school and had the ability to take off and do missions in China for a year and did. When he came back, Nathan helped found an internet marketing business that is still successful to this day. In the last few years he has started over four small businesses and currently works full time as a Mortgage Banker, which he enjoys. Nathan's hobbies include building things, staying active in his church's prayer team, spending time with his family and going on adventures, especially if they are something he has never done before!

Emily Said....

"Nathan is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. He finds every person interesting and will always help a friend if it's in his power to do so. He is so good at playing with his kids and setting a good example for them to follow. He is always looking to serve others and is such a hard worker. "