Our Kids

Ezra + Elias

Our boys bring such joy to our lives. We believe God has entrusted them to us to love and care for, pointing them in the direction they should go. Each of our aspiring superheroes have such unique personalities. We count it such an honor to be a part of helping them discover what God created them to be and do in life.

Ezra, age 6

Ezra is our first born. He loves to learn and even taught himself to read at a young age. When he isn't reading he is building Legos or anything else that he can engineer, he is very conscientious and wants to know the right way to do things. He is a great helper with his brother.

Elias, age 3

Elias is our ultra affectionate child. He wants to get as close as possible to give those hugs and kisses. He is such a coordinated little guy too. He could climb and hang at the playground at such a young age. Elias just makes people around him feel loved.